Social Aca-Media (S-A-M)

Konnect. Kollaborate. Kommunicate​.

What is Social Aca-Media (S-A-M)?
Social Aca-Media, coined by the  KockatU™ collaborative team, simply means academic based & education focused social media.

KockatU™ Approach to Social Aca-Media

Konnect- KockatU™ will provide a safe environment for young people to connect with each other in the areas of academics, sports, leadership and personal development, finance, business and entrepreneurship. Through motivation, inspiration, collaboration, and recognition, users will have access to blurbs, quotes, videos and other media that help them acquire skills & training that aids them in their academic and professional endeavors.

Kommunicate- Using industry best software and technology to enhance user experiences, KockatU™ will offer users an alternative way to promote themselves and their accomplishments to educational, sports and business institutions both domestically and internationally thereby meeting future academic and professional goals.

Kollaborate- KockatU™ users can form online groups and cohorts where they share with others who have like interests such as gaming/coding/programming, math & science, art and history to name a few. Users can also manage projects, presentations and connect those projects to others. Users can share, communicate and collaborate without ever leaving KockatU.​


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