The KockatU Difference

Our company operates with a culture of serving others, especially our youth. Serving our youth is important to us, and it is that culture that sets us apart from other companies.

We positively interact with our youth and we interact with each other in support of our youth. Their needs and wants determine our path and our company’s core values guide us through to execution. Our primary focus is to shape and mold young people into high performing & high achieving individuals in every area of their lives. We strive to plant and nourish seeds of greatness into the next generation.

Our History Inc. had its beginnings in 2016 with a group of young people believing that they could change the world. We’re unlike any other organization. Young people make up the executive board, research & development, and other management teams. If it can be done, KockatU believes kids can make it happen. A movement was born.

Our Mission

The mission is to provide opportunities that help young people develop the necessary skills needed for success while helping them navigate through and manage the changes that occur in young people’s lives. We hold to our company’s core values and vision of nurturing and developing our youth into mature social contributors at every level. We also proactively promote our young people’s skills, gifts & talents all while…. Keeping Our Children Knowledgeable, Affirmed, Thriving, and Uplifted (KOCKATU).

Our Vision

The, Inc. vision is to assist in the development and revitalization of our young people through actively and effectively educating youths in the areas of academics, business and leadership while providing a safe environment for social interaction.

Our Team

Our team environment is one that encourages collaboration with our young people. Every team member is empowered to be part of the discovery and solution process with each innovation at every phase of our company growth. We especially encourage input from all members of our team, whether they are senior executives or part of our youth comprised research and development team. They will feel both valued and fully vested in the success of the company by taking care of our customers, being praised for meeting production and service goals, and rewarded financially for excellent performance. The primary asset of, Inc. is its team members. Our company’s strength lies in the quality and depth of our products and staff.

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